Case Study: BankFinancial – Customer Appreciation Event

Scenario: BankFinancial is a full-service, community-oriented national bank headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois. The Chicago Ridge branch is looking to have a customer appreciation party and wanted to provide entertainment, kid’s games, and attraction at this year’s event.

Goal: To obtain kids’ games, select interactive entertainment, and involve the community in the event.

Conclusion:  In previous years, BankFinacial staff has built Bozzo buckets, purchased Tic-Tac Toe squares, and developed games that can be used from years past. 

New was the hiring of balloon entertainer Magical Balloon-dude Dale who was recommended by an employee who had seen Dale performing for families at a local restaurant. Based on the employee recommendation, they hired Dale to entertain BankFinancial customers and guests.

The committee found and chose a local horse farm that provides a small petting zoo and pony rides.  

The Chicago Ridge Fire Department provided a fire engine and medical transport vehicle allowing the family to inspect the emergency vehicles closely and ask questions of the 1st responders.